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Ruptide is a disruptive, accelerated startup program. We help non-technical founders bring their ideas to life by building an MVP.

We offer a tailored leasing contract: startup founders can start work on their project with a 20% down payment, while the remaining sum is spread over 12 monthly installments. After 6 months, founders can opt to cancel their lease and all further payments forgiven. To keep the founders' cash investments low, we ask for a stake in each startup.

We work with a select group of no more than 5 startups per batch and are completely invested in the projects we take on.

Building the incredible product is our main focus. Ruptide has an expanding group of mentors to further assist and advise our first time founders by sharing their knowledge and connecting them with their networks.

Our Pitch

Rapidly build momentum

Traction is seed stage currency: without it, you're broke, and pitching to investors begins to sound alarmingly like begging.

Lowering the cost of failure

Speed is a startup's greatest asset in success and failure. Don't spend 2 years drawing conclusions easily gathered in 3-4 months. If you need to move on, you'll move on quickly. Chances are, your next venture is the right one.

Betting on success

Having you on our program and taking a stake in your company means we are sharing the risk and reward. It also means we don't want you to keep funding the building costs if you decide that the product is not succeeding.

A solid team at your back

You focus on your market, and we'll manage the product building phase pitfalls. If you're a first-time founder, you will enjoy being surrounded by a proven hacker team who have been through the startup product cycle more than once.

The Offer

The 5 startups selected for the batch will be given a unique offer with the following outline.

20% Down payment

This first down payment will green-light the collaboration as soon as all contracts are reviewed and signed. The lease will start the following month.

Monthly Lease

Remaining cost after down payment will be spread over 12 monthly installments regardless of product launch date.

% of the company

Done through a version of SAFE (Simple agreement for future equity) adapted to fit with our leasing model.

6 month minimum commitment

You commit to the monthly lease only for a period of 6 out of the total 12 months. You can end the relationship at any time after that, no questions asked.

Applications Closed

Demo Day

A demo day will be scheduled after the MVP has been completed to showcase your new company.


Applications for 2020 are now closed.

Every problem has a solution, you just have to be creative enough to find it.
— Travis Kalanick, UBER

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